The Art of Crochet – Welcome

By | 19th August 2015

Welcome to The Art of Crochet Hook-along!

My name is Katy and I’ll be making the throw with you, square by square. I’ve done a bit of crochet before so I hope that I can help you through any tricky bits, point out what to look out for and answer any questions. I’ll be posting every week so you can see how I’m getting along and I hope you’ll be sharing your progress too. I love starting a new project especially when it’s with lots of other people.


So without further ado, here’s Issue 1 and it looks like there are some great projects. I love the lime green yarn and the shiny hook that came with it.

If you haven’t done any crochet before, or it’s been a while, have a look at the Video Tutorials section where they talk you through making a slip knot and a chain to start off with, as well as holding the hook and yarn. I’m going to embark headlong on my first square as I can’t wait to get started on the throw.


There is a plan of the whole throw so you can see what goes where. I’m not going to look too far ahead as we can do this square by square, one a week, so here goes. Ready?

So that’s the first double crochet square done. I’m putting it away until next week, when I’ll see you back here for the bright pink square. See you soon.