No. 108 – Bright star

By | 20th September 2017

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

Colours are a tonic on a dull day, so here is a super bright combination to keep you smiling through the rain, with Orange and Bright pink together at the heart of this square. 108bSome of this pattern took me a while to understand, just me being a bit slow perhaps, but I need to be able to visualise what’s going to happen, so sometimes written patterns can be a bit tricky. If that’s true for you too, never fear! Katy is here to make those silly mistakes so you don’t have to – it happened to me twice in this square – I’ve left the mistakes in the video, I knew you’d thank me in the end. 108So here’s the film – spoiler alert – it all turns out okay in the end.

Happy crocheting,
Katy x