No. 118 – Mellow Mauve

By | 29th November 2017

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

This square is all about clusters right from the first round: three-treble clusters and then four-treble clusters in the second round. The standing chain for a cluster is slightly shorter than for the same stitch, so for a treble you would normally have a three-chain, but here it’s two chain, as the clusters are stubby little beasts.

118 - 1 (1)The amazingly bright colours of this square are beautifully brought down to earth by the mellow Mauve and calming Periwinkle in the fourth and fifth rows.   118 - 1This is the penultimate square, so tune in again next week for the last one before we begin the sewing up. Here’s this week’s film.

Happy crocheting,