No. 120 – The end in sight

By | 13th December 2017

Welcome to the final post from The Art of Crochet blog!

So here we are near the end of our marathon. I’ve sorted the last 16 squares into their size groups. Those with fewer stitches along the side have two trebles, three chains, two trebles, while the larger ones have only one treble, three chains, one treble. 120-3Now they are all edged, I can sort them into the right order and begin sewing them together in lines.120-4Here they are in their lines, then they can be sewn up along the long seams.


Here is a film of the whole process (with the boring bits speeded up).

I hope that you have enjoyed our crochet-along. We are near the end of what seemed like an insurmountable task two years ago. I’d like to show you the finished thing, but tbh it’s not going to be finished until after a few long Christmas movies have been sat in front of, so I’ll post the final on the Facebook page when it’s done. It’s been a pleasure to crochet-along with all of you. We’d love to see your final throws, so do post your pics on the Art of Crochet Facebook page too, then we can all admire them.

Happy sewing up,
Katy xx