No. 44 – Sunshine centre

By | 29th June 2016

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

This lovely square has a Sunshine yellow centre made from double-treble clusters then the rest of the rounds are classic ‘granny square’ style in these lovely blues and greens. blog44 - 1Double-treble clusters work just like treble clusters, working the first part of each stitch before linking them together. The double treble is comprises 3 moves – which is why they call it a treble in the US – for a cluster we only need do the first 2 moves. You can watch it happening in the short film below. We are using UK terminology here so if you watch other videos online they may use the US terms, just so you know and don’t get them mixed up, as that way lies frustration.

blog44 - 2

Here’s a short film working square 44.

Happy crocheting!