No. 50 – Forget-me-not blue

By | 10th August 2016

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

Can you believe that we are up to square 50 already? We’ll you’d better believe it, because here we are with our Periwinkle blue. The square starts off with twelve double-crochets in a ring, then a wheel with double-treble cluster spokes. The standing chain for a double-treble is usually four chains, though for a cluster it is one chain smaller, so three chains here.

50 - 1

The fourth round is where all the shaping-action is, with double-treble corners worked over two spaces.

50 - 2


Here’s a little film of my progress. *Spoiler alert* half-way through I talk about double trebles and call them double crochets. Mea culpa.

Happy crocheting,