No. 64 – Section four

By | 16th November 2016

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

This week is all about edging and sewing together the squares for section four. Gather squares 48 to 63 together, all of which are made in the round, so the edgings are simple trebles all around. The only variations are in how many stitches there are along each side (15, 16 or 17) and how many trebles you need in each corner (2tr, 3ch, 2tr, or 1tr, ch, 1tr). The batch in this pic have long sides and 1-treble corners.blog64 - 3

It felt like a huge task, but once I had my three piles (and had settled down in front of a movie) it all moved along very quickly. Don’t be anxious about the number of stitches, just work down each side working a treble into every stitch and it should come out right. When you are sewing up you can make sure the corners match and the rest will follow nicely.blog64 - 1

Here’s a short movie of my own showing the process and the sewing up.

Happy crocheting,