No. 67 – Sunshine on granny

By | 7th December 2016

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

I like to think of this Sunshine Yellow reflecting a glow on us while we crochet, like a buttercup under the chin, but without all the calories.
This square starts off with petals made of 2-treble clusters, then the remaining rounds are all in a traditional ‘granny’ style pattern. Check out the cluster tutorial, though ours is only a 2trcl,  or watch the video below for a reminder.

blog67 - 1I don’t know why it’s called a Granny Square. In the US they would call it an Afghan square and I’m pretty sure it’s nothing to do with Afghanistan, though perhaps a distant reference to the colourful textiles from that region.

Here’s my film, short and sweet this week.

Happy crocheting,