No. 81 – Purple star

By | 15th March 2017

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

This interesting square highlights the subtle difference between a cluster and crocheting stitches together. In the 2nd round there is a 2 treble cluster (2trcl) – we’ve done these before, working the first part of the treble only, then yarn over and through all the loops still on your hook. Here you can see clusters worked in Mauve, held at the top and bottom the stitches create a simple petal shape.81 - 1In the 4th round we’re asked to work three trebles together (tr3tog). In this case we work the whole treble, except you don’t go through the very last loop still on the hook, but hold the stitches until you have worked all three, and only then yarn over again and pull through all the loops on your hook. The other difference here is that the trebles are worked into adjacent stitches, rather than all into the same one. This makes a group of stitches that are held together at the top only, creating a triangular shape, slightly taller than a cluster of the equivalent stitch. (You can see them here in the second Purple round.)

81 - 2

Here’s a film of Square 81 including step-by-step tr3tog, enjoy.


Happy crocheting,
Katy x