No. 90 – Sewing up section 6

By | 17th May 2017

Welcome back to the Art of Crochet blog!

This week we’re edging and sewing together section 6 of the throw. I realised that my Square No. 89 isn’t going to fit in, so I had to unravel it and do it again, which I should have done in the first place (we live and learn).

90-91 - 1The edgings take a while to do and are mostly all the same, so I did mine in front of a re-run of the Good Wife which was most engrossing (other TV series are available), you just have to remember to press stop, before the next ‘unmissable’ hour slips by.

Here’s my film, some of it mercifully speeded-up, of the edgings, unravelling and sewing up that went into my version of section 6. You can pause or skip bits as you see fit. See you next week.

Happy crocheting,
Katy x