Gorgeous items to crochet, wear and give

In each issue discover irresistible crochet items to create and build a fabulous library of patterns: there is a project for every skill level and occasion!

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The Throw

Learn to crochet by creating a stylish square every week and make your own beautiful throw. Each square will help you develop your crochet skills as you add more stitches to your repertoire.

Try it

Quick and easy practise projects to try out your new stitches, and see results straight away.

The Stitch Library

Learn and master a new stitch with every issue. From basic through to advanced, you'll soon have loads of new stitches to use in all of the beautiful patterns you'll discover in the magazine.

Crochet School

With hints, tips and reference guides to learning to crochet, reading patterns and solving any big or small crochet problem you might have, the Crochet School will help you to become a confident and talented crocheter.